Madeline Fan

Works of Art

Tape Drawings, Paintings, Ink Drawings, Watercolors

Tape Drawings

I draw with packing tape, the shiny brown tape used for sealing cardboard boxes.  I make images by layering and cutting shapes out of it on both sides of translucent colored vinyl.  Sometimes the vinyl has sparkles imbedded into the surface.  The depth of color and tone depends on the number of tape layers and whether the tape is on the front or back surface relative to the viewer's eye.   Each drawing is hung in a mobile so it can twirl in space.   Light bounces off or shines through the surface of each drawing, making it look, in turns, dull then surprising. 


Shooting Gallery. Ink on Paper 5' x 12', instructions, tripod with cellphone mount and website:, #fandrawngun.  This piece invites the viewer to pose with the art and then post it to the web.  I will try to collect all of the photos and publish them here.